Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at C.A. Fortune  

In 2020, C.A. Fortune developed a People and Culture team to invest more in our people, ensure our culture was the best it could be, and improve the employee experience overall. Since the inception of the team, C.A. has made incredible strides in overall benefit offerings, new employee onboarding initiatives, and many more exciting programs. One of our most exciting initiatives was to put a greater emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion. At C.A. Fortune, we have always prided ourselves on being an inclusive workforce, but we wanted to put action behind our words.  

Leadership agreed to make a sizeable investment into diverse hiring by partnering with the Professional Diversity Network and the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. These job boards ensure our postings are reached by a wide variety of talent from various backgrounds. We also launched our DE&I committee company-wide. 

Since the council’s launch, we have garnered almost 30 members and counting. The council’s purpose is to have an open discussion with your colleagues about the importance of the many topics surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our educational presentations held every month provide a safe space to discuss your personal experiences, learn how to be a better ally, and offer support.  

Mission: As a committee, we recognize the present social injustices and racism that still exist within our communities and encourage the perspectives and experiences that arise from racial, ethnic, socio-economic, sexual, age-related, gender, and religious diversity within our C.A. team. 

Values: SAFE 

  • Support employees from all different walks of life 
  • Alleviate unconscious bias and discrimination in the workplace 
  • Foster a protective environment where all employees can bring their whole selves 
  • Engage various members of leadership to ensure the goals and initiatives of the DEI committee are fulfilled 

At C.A. we are committed to providing a diverse and inclusive work

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