Celebrating Women in Grocery

A collage of images featuring C.A.'s three Top Women in Grocery!

Each year, Progressive Grocer names several Top Women in Grocery, who represent all levels in the industry within both the retailer and supplier communities. This year, there were over 1,200 submissions, and C.A. Fortune was lucky enough to have three winners, Brit Cattey (VP, Support), Niki Reznicek (Corporate Marketing Manager), and Jessica Schmidt (SVP, Insights).

In addition to participating in the Top Women in Grocery Awards Ceremony and Gala, Brit, Jessica, and Niki were invited to attend the Grocery Impact Conference. The Grocery Impact Conference brought together the Disruptors, the Innovators, the Pacesetters, and the Leaders in grocery — present and future – for three days of education, collaboration, networking, and celebration.

The conference featured several amazing sessions, many of which focused on the importance of women leaders in CPG and the grocery industry.

Be the Difference Maker

Mindy Sherwood, President, Global Walmart, and Chief Sales Officer at P&G held this session which focused on how you should raise the bar to break through in every role. There is a difference between a “Busy Bee” and a “Breakthrough Leader”. 

  • The “Busy Bee” will focus on the tasks at hand and will get the job done with average performance. 
  • The “Breakthrough Leader” will identify something that could cause a breakthrough impact on the organization and will go after it to make a difference. 

Mindy also discussed the importance of identifying the 5 key “roles” in your life and their priority, then living up to those priorities as you develop. Roles can include spouse, parent, child, associate, etc. It’s important to ask yourself “Am I living my priorities in the correct order? and “What am I working on that is “breakthrough?”

Top Women in Private Label

Alison Gregas, Weis Markets; Kasey Sheffer, Giant Eagle; Catherine Misour, Giant Eagle held this panel which discussed being a woman leader in Private Label and the shift happening in the space. Private Label is shifting to more innovative items rather than sticking with the status quo. They’re focusing on creating custom flavors that national brands do not have and attracting customers with first-to-shelf innovation. Now more than ever, it’s important to strike while the iron is hot since PL is more trusted and the consumers are looking for it.

Secrets of a 100-year-old Grocer

John Ruane, President of The Giant Company, spoke about the secrets to success at the Giant Company. More than ever stores are looking to drive units and market share. It is critical to stay close to the customer and meet them where they are, and if you do not meet them, they will find a retailer that will.

The Future of Grocery

Tim Lowe, President of Lowes Foods, discussed CPG working for the consumer and the consumer leading CPG. The common theme of this session was understanding and listening to what the consumer is telling you. Consumers are looking for things that are different and new, and it’s important to “run to places that other people do not go” to succeed.

We’re so lucky that our three winners were able to participate in such an amazing and informational experience! For more industry news and insights, follow C.A. Fortune on LinkedIn.

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