A Day in the Life with Patten Neal

A picture of Patten Neal, C.A. Fortune Sr. Category Analyst

Hey there! I’m Patten Neal, a Senior Category Analyst at C.A. Fortune based in Tennessee. I’ve been at C.A. for over 2 years now, and I’ve loved every minute of it. Here’s what my typical working day is like! 

I typically wake up around 6:30 AM and get my daughter up, fed, dressed, and off to daycare. After drop off, I eat a quick breakfast and have to have my coffee. From there, I head to my home office and log on around 8:30 AM! 

I go through my emails first and take a look at my calendar to see what to expect for my day. I keep a weekly and daily to-do list to help me stay organized. I then get started on my projects or other things I’m working on individually. 

As a Senior Category Analyst, I provide category review support, business reviews, and ad hoc analysis that clients request which can include promo analysis and pricing analysis. I dedicate my time to 5 different clients which allows me to build deeper relationships. 

I usually have a few meetings with either a client or a team member. Probably 75% of my meetings are internal. I like to block off the lunch hour in the middle of the day to get out of my office. I take my 85lb golden doodle for a walk or do a short workout, eat a quick lunch, and then back to work I go! 

My afternoon is a blend of meetings and projects. I usually wrap up my day around 4:30 PM and start to get dinner ready while my husband picks up our daughter from daycare. After dinner, we enjoy some family time before our daughter heads to bed and then I finish the day binging my favorite guilty pleasure Bravo shows, Real Housewives and Vanderpump Rules! 

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