A Day in the Life with Nikki Wilson

Hi! I’m Nikki Wilson, a Sr. Manager, Sales Development (SDM) here at C.A. Fortune. I am based at our Chicago Headquarters. Follow me along for a typical day in my life in office! 

I have two little kids at home who I have ready and out the door for school around 7 a.m. every morning. I then get myself ready and I’m out the door reading emails on the 8 a.m. train to the office. I get into the office by 8:30 a.m. 

Each month, our SDM team has a Standing Monthly Coffee Connect which is what we do to connect on work and non-work-related topics. Creating bonds with my coworkers and making work a fun place to be is something we like to do here at C.A.! 

SDM’s are client-facing and responsible for managing client relationships. SDM’s are like the QB or air traffic control – trying to get to the end goal with moving parts in play. I love mentoring new SDM’s and sharing my tips and tricks with them.  

I love getting to use my 3 screens at my desk in the office for my busy days. I am a master juggler, constantly handling many moving parts. I make sure I am prepared by communicating with the right people, keeping everyone in the loop, and making sure hands-off are accurate. Not to brag, but I also have strong PowerPoint skills. 

Around noon, I grab lunch with my co-workers. We love going to Chipotle or Whole Foods, depending on the day! 

After lunch, I make sure I don’t have meetings scheduled past 3:30 p.m. so I can get in on my category reviews. I have a highly detailed to-do list and calendar reminders which keep me organized and on track during the workday. 

My workday ends around 4 p.m. when I catch the train with coworkers. Sometimes, we use that time to collaborate on work or nose deep in our laptops.  

I get home around 5:15 p.m. and wind down. My husband picks the kids up from school and they tackle after-school activities together. We all have dinner together and soon after that, it’s time to call it a day.  

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