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Let's get creative

Our team of imaginative marketing experts are here to make sure your product flies off the shelf with maximum velocity.

C.A. Branding is a fully integrated marketing and creative agency that specializes in unearthing key differentiators in brands, with a focus in the consumer brands space, and communicating those ideas to the customer in an emotionally compelling way. We transform key insights about your professional passion into a brand platform that drives everything we do. We call this the “punch in the face” needed to position your company uniquely in the mind of your audience and the marketplace, and it informs the strategic direction of our creative and tactical outreach. Then once you have that ownable brand idea, it’s time to bring it to life. We create or evolve the image, voice, and style of your brand, which then helps drive creative deliverables like your website, print pieces, and more.

Our process

  • Brand ideation and development to disrupt categories
  • Creative and packaging design to increase velocity
  • Tactical marketing tied to return on investment


  • Package Design
  • Web Design
  • Animation + Illustration
  • Print and POP Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Digital Marketing

How to craft a disruptive brand strategy

Brand idea

What’s that one thing that makes your company unlike any other? We can help you answer that question by transforming key insights into a brand platform that drives everything we do.

Creative branding

Once you have an ownable brand idea, it’s time to bring it to life. We create or evolve the image, voice, and style of your brand, which then helps drive all creative deliverables.

Strategic marketing plan

Next, it’s time to craft a strategic marketing plan — a marketing blueprint of sorts. This is customized and prioritized by what tactics have the best chance for success. 

The Highlight Reel

Take a look at our success stories. Who knows, you could be next.

Get zen on demand

For today’s very busy woman, finding a moment to enjoy a cup of tea can prove impossible. And despite the chaos of the day, she still desires to be in the now. 10th Avenue Tea came to us for help in telling their story — letting everyone know that their tea can be enjoyed whenever and wherever now happens to be.

Think outside the bar

For the active athlete, the weekend warrior, the working parent, and everyone in between, Protes Protein Chips combine great taste and functionality to make a better than better-for-you snack that helps anyone maximize their protein intake. Wanting to open up their customer base to more than just hardcore gym goers, Protes came to us to update their brand messaging and revamp their package design.

Live the pizza life

Pizza is life, and in that life, taste reigns supreme. But that cheesy, meaty deliciousness you love doesn’t need to come with a large side of carbs. Which is why Real Good Pizza Co. came to us for help telling folks that they could be enjoying healthy, protein-packed pizza that actually tastes phenomenal.

Ready, set, GoHydrate!

In a convenient store aisle full of sugary sports drinks, MeStrength was the one water enhancer that supplied your body with instant hydration, electrolytes, and delicious flavor without chemicals or a high calorie count. But the trouble was the brand name. It implied the product was only for hardcore athletes, and that meant everyone else was missing out on that much needed energizing sports beverage they could feel good about drinking. That’s why MeStrength came to JB – to construct a brand name and story that spoke to the products wide range of health benefits.

We’re much more than a sales agency

Check out the other capabilities we bring to the table.