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Your boots on the ground team

Ensuring that your retail strategies are being executed in a phenomenal fashion is our jam.

We threw out the rulebook and partnered with Observa, an in-store, retail intelligence, selling, and merchandising service firm, to provide you with a comprehensive and effective merchandising and retail strategy across all trade channels. Our unique prescriptive and intelligence-focused model puts a team of 15,000+ people at your fingertips, all eager to bring your product to life on the shelf.
  • Retail execution
  • Merchandising support
  • Product demos and events
  • Shelf maintenance
  • New item and display sell-ins

Brands receive real-time critical data and information that can greatly impact sales growth and strategy.

  • Visit summaries
  • Summary graphs and charts
  • Photo galleries
  • Exportable data to be used with brands internal reporting tools and systems

We’re much more than a sales agency

Check out the other capabilities we bring to the table.