A new type of agency

A team of go-getters, envelope pushers, and fearless innovators at your service.

C.A. Fortune 101

We’re on a mission to build out the nation’s leading privately-held consumer brands agency... try to stop us.

Founded in 1983, C.A. Fortune has evolved from a small sales enterprise into a full-service, privately held consumer brands agency with a national scope that works in natural, conventional, and online channels. We offer clients a comprehensive solution — from brand incubation, client strategy, sales management, marketing and branding, insights, retail activation, and more.

C.A. is based in the home of deep-dish pizza (lucky us!), Chicago, and has regional offices throughout the country.

Nimble + National

Through smart internal growth, we’ve become so much more than just a sales agency.
We’re redefining what a consumer brands agency should be.

With a personal client strategist as your guide, you’ll have the entire in-house C.A. team at your service. With your specific goals and requirements in mind, we’ll develop a plan that correctly aligns your needs with our core capabilities. 

Let our strategist guide the way

Channel Coverage

  • Grocery (Conventional)
  • Grocery (Natural)
  • Mass
  • Club
  • Drug
  • Convenience
  • Value/Dollar
  • Alternative
  • E-Comm

Category Coverage

  • Grocery
  • Produce
  • Deli
  • Meat
  • Bakery
  • Frozen
  • Dairy
  • Front End
  • GM/HBC

Meet your new crew

Tyler Lowell
Managing Partner

Bruce Abrams
Chief Financial Officer

Laura Howell
VP, Client Strategy & Partnership

Rachel Robb
VP, Sales Management (Natural)

Marty Walsh
SVP, Sales Management (Conventional)

Mark Metzger
SVP, Business Intelligence

Ali Shouman
SVP, Business Development & Retail Activation​

Neil Chamness
VP, Admin & Corporate Operations

Steve Gaither
SVP, Creative & Branding

Hassan Shouman
SVP, Sales Accelerator

Joy Tucci
SVP, E-Commerce

Ready to get your brand in front of the consumer and take it to the next level with the best in the biz?