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A team of go-getters, envelope pushers, and fearless innovators at your service.

C.A. Fortune 101

We’re on a mission to build out the nation’s leading privately-held consumer brands agency... try to stop us.

Founded in 1983, C.A. Fortune has evolved from a small sales enterprise into a full-service, privately held consumer brands agency with a national scope that works in natural, conventional, and online channels. We offer clients a comprehensive solution — from brand incubation, client strategy, sales management, marketing and branding, insights, retail activation, and more.

C.A. is based in the home of deep-dish pizza (lucky us!), Chicago, and has regional offices throughout the country.

Nimble + National

Through smart internal growth, we’ve become so much more than just a sales agency.
We’re redefining what a consumer brands agency should be.

With a personal client strategist as your guide, you’ll have the entire in-house C.A. team at your service. With your specific goals and requirements in mind, we’ll develop a plan that correctly aligns your needs with our core capabilities. 

Let our strategist guide the way

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Meet Our Crew

Executive Leadership Team

Tyler Lowell
Managing Partner & CEO

Dave Cox
Chief Financial Officer

Laura Howell
Chief Data Officer

Michelle Armer
Chief People Officer

Jaime Frye
Chief Sales Officer

Ali Shouman
Chief Growth Officer

Leadership Team

Mariah Calderon
SVP, Sales Development & Engagement

Jessica Schmidt
VP, C.A. Insights

Hassan Shouman
SVP, Corporate Marketing

Joy Tucci
SVP, C.A. E-Comm

Rachel Robb
SVP, Natural

Chuck Ward
SVP, Grocery

Kait Benetz
VP, Corporate Marketing & Strategy

Wendy Warner

James Robb
VP, C.A. Activate

Dana Richards
VP, C.A. Branding